Tuesday, 7 June 2011

one little plastic chicken

OK, so i was supposed to be swapping an item to see what happens with sequential swapping over the next 10 days fro my next uni project. I'm breaking the rules though.... I was supposed to start with one paperclip. But instead after a little looking around have found one plastic chicken. 

I had been feeling a little sad that I would not be seeing many people as I would not be going into college until next Thursday by which time this mini project would be over so began to think perhaps i could make this a very sociable project visiting people id not seen in a while as well as talking to people i see every day but do little other than the everyday conversation. One little plastic chicken was going to be my object for swapping, however I've grown quite attached to her so instead i am going to do two things,

  • Find a paper clip for swapping

  • Take the little plastic chicken with me as a constant companion on my travels and possibly gather a few traveling companions on the way

Little plastic chicken was getting quite bored being stuck in the house, she had been spotted in various places around the house but
she dreamed of exploring the world outside the front door and do a spot of swapping along the way.

Little plastic chicken knew that she was just a toy but he wanted to see the real world,

to see liquids that are not contained in bottles, taps or baths

Little chicken wanted to smell real flowers

She wanted to experience real art,

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