Thursday, 30 June 2011

Current projects

I am currently very much enjoying taking part in a Metapod business training course. It is being delivered free to budding creative practitioners in my area as part of Place , Space and Identity. We are being inspired by a combination of inspirational guest speakers and the ever enthusiastic Helga Henry who is delivering the course. I feel thoroughly invigorated by the experience and Helga really makes you believe in yourself, such a positive experience. I really couldn't recommend it enough if you ever get the chance to take part.

It is just part of my current growth spurt in my creative endeavours. I had been sad to finish the college year all to soon and expected things to become a little quieter over the summer break, but instead the momentum seems to be gathering pace !

I am very excited to be exhibiting in my first solo exhibition at Newcastle Under Lyme library from the 4th till 12 August 2011. Which has all been made possible due to my partnership with Newcastle Under Lyme's Britain in Bloom team participation. I am currently completing the  remaining 6 pieces of the collection of 21, celebrating there long history of success in both the regional and national competitions. I am very honored to be invited to the Judges Lunches where my work will also be exhibited to demonstrate community involvement along with the many other excellent projects undertaken by local community groups and school children. 

Britain in Bloom is a great example of how people from all parts of the community can come together to achieve something to be proud of. I hope that this is just the start of my relationship with the annual event and also act as a spring board to develop working relationships with the groups and individuals involved with it.

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