Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Little plastic chicken day 5....

OK so again this is not really day 5 but it took little chicken a while to recover from her birthday party and so nothing really happened on day 5 proper. 

Now little chicken was rested she felt the need for knowledge and remembering that the University was near by she thought she would try her luck swapping and see a bit more of the wider world.

Soon enough a very enthusiastic lad swapped the Iron man lighter for a screw driver, he was quite surprised to find a chicken in his lecture......

Later on the lad came back with some screws to go with the screwdriver as he felt little chicken had not really had a great deal for his swap. 

Later that day little chicken visited some of little boy and little girls family and as little girl often played there the play dough was swapped for a paperback novel, so she could use it next time she visited.

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