Saturday, 7 May 2011

Im still here

Its been quite a while and although I am still writing my journal I have been a little quiet here. I guess it is just a reflection of how busy I've been recently, both family life and work life are always in constant battle and there are never enough hours in the day.

All this talk of allotments has made me feel very ashamed of my "little" plot, well it is its size which is half the problem ! It is so daunting particularly when my new neighbour is seemingly such and accomplished allotmenteer already and putting my jungle plot to shame ! She is so neat and tidy, the complete reverse of me, oh well we are who we are no point wishing otherwise. Anyway I do have a greenhouse filled with tomato and chili plants which seem very happy and my potatoes onions and garlic are also looking good, so I can feel happy about that. Unlike my poor peas and courgettes. The thing is I can grow things from seed very successfully as my neighbours can testify as they have been the happy new custodians of my excess tomato plants, but the peas and courgettes after being carefully nearchered were mercilessly destroyed by a combination of birds insects and the unusually hot weather-where were those April showers !

Perhaps in hindsight the jump from container gardener to allotmenter with all the digging and weeding might have been a bigger job than i emagined but I have to remenber that this is a long term goal so progress is likey to be slow and I will have many failiers as I learn the ropes.

There I feel better now :)

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