Wednesday, 8 June 2011

One little plastic chicken Day 2........

Little chicken was dissapointed not to visit any new places yesterday so today I promised we would go out and explore with Little girl and little boy. Oh and also the paper clip never was is instead now a safety pin-first swap here we come !

The journey to little girls friends house was quite short and uneventful. Little chicken spenting it daydreaming of what might be instore once she arrived, whilst taking in the blur of sights sounds and smells of the "outside" from the comfort of the buggy.

When she arrived there was much excitement as she was given a tour of little girls friends house....

First the toy shelf...

then the piano..

She particularly liked the bathroom,

Next up was the garden and something she had heard little girl talk about with great excitement a TRAM..POL..EEEENE ! Although of course Little chicken actually had no idea what this was..she was about to find out.

To get to the TRAM..POL..EEEENE, first she must cross the grass- easy for little girl and her friend who ran ahead forgetting how tiny little chickens legs were.

Little girl and her friend helped little chicken onto the TRAM..POL..EEEENE and showed her how to bounce !

She had so much fun she didnt want to leave and nearly forgot about the swap,

Safety pin= Eyelash curlers

Little chicken was determined not to waste the journey back with daydreaming and so insisted on riding on the front seat of the buggy asking to stop at all the interesting places on the way home....

Do you like butter, chicken ?

She nealy fell over when she realised this was a strawberry plant she thought they grew in the fridge !

 Little chicken was very surprised to find a sofa outside she thought they only lived inside houses !

You cant get anything past this little hen, its only some artwork by one of little girls Mummy's favorite printmakers Angie Lewin..... or perhaps it was just the contents of the box she was after??

Familier she thought but she couldnt quite put her feather on it?

Chilling !

Ahhh at last some real flowers, she got in for a closer look and a good sniff beautiful !

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