Sunday, 6 March 2011

nearly there !

Thursday is fast approaching and I can hardly believe it. It still seems there is so much to do and, as is so often the way, now right at the last minute is when I get loads more ideas and have to stop myself from going off on yet another tangent !

A word on this blog, as you can tell these last posts have really been more of a journal and I now have a dedicated page for this on the blog. However I am waiting until the next project arrives to start it so until then this is where my thoughts will reside.

As I thought I would, I do enjoy blogging, it took me long enough to start. As ever I think up every scenario possible when considering doing something and often talk myself out of actually doing it. This time however I went for it and  I'm glad I did! As you can tell I'm very new at it so this all looks a bit basic and is not working quite how I imagined yet. You will also be able to tell that spelling is not my strong point and I hope you will forgive me for that.

Back to the subject in hand, my works progression to date. Practical wise I am pretty on top of my game. Learning the pros and cons of ceramics in terms of timing and planning has been a sharp learning curve but an altogether enjoyable one. The more I learn and discover through my experiments, the more I  want to learn. I am finding my way through and developing at the same time a style and prefernce for materials and techniques as I go.

I digress, the work is in order, many samples, although I like to think of them as finished one off pieces, are made and the last in the kiln. That is the tiles which i applied the decals to on Friday. I was happy to be surrounded by other students form the current prelim course so I could get some instant feedback on what I was producing. They seemed positive and I was quite happy although very time conscious thorough as I was also on a tight personal deadline to get home to my family as this was not a usual college day. That said I got a good batch of them done and into the small kiln to be fired up to 750 c, cooler that the last firing which went slightly wrong. I even stacked and set the kiln off myself as Mr V had shown me, which was an exciting privilege but a necessary one as he had left for the day by then, and I needed to learn. I would say it was easy, but then I've not seen the results yet so don't wast to tempt fait !

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