Friday, 4 March 2011

less is more, infact au natral is even better !

Todays exploration has proved that adding glaze to everything certainly does not always work and is not always necessary. My greenery impressed tiles are now out of the kiln and are looking interesting (no photos as yet) As id never tryed oxides before I got carried away with the process and transparent glazed all the tiles after applying copper to give a green acent and manganese for black/brown. I should on reflection have left some plain to show experimentation with texture also the oxides may have fired slightly differntly.

The other plain tiles on the other hand have now been put back in the kiln for a lower firing to fuse the decals I applyed today, which should be ready for Mondays photoshoot. I went for a freestyle approach letting the designs develop as I collaged them or simply laying decals as id printed them on some. The glaze on the tiles had turned out ok evening the textured surface of the tile while still retaining a subtle hint of the cloth texture underneath. Some were better than others in uniformity I think this is an area I need to work on.

One happy accident which occured directly as a result of using a shared studio/workshop space is that some of the tiles have a faint disscolouration to them from small particals of dryed clay on the cloth I worked them on in their raw clay state. I have since been thinking a lot about investigating the qualities of porcelain and adding colour to it in a similar was to this happy accident is something id like to explore.

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