Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Learning when to........s.....stop.

I was pleased to find my work had been fired to day, but that was short lived when I found out that the glaze had dramatical changed for the worse. My investigation into ceramic's has been a very eventfull one so far and the frustrations of he disipline have become apparent fairly quickly. Waiting for the kiln to be fired the unknown of glazes, and now the decals unpredictability. I had been very happy with the stoneware glazes particularly on my thrown vessels. I had after a lot of considderstion decided to add decals onto the glazed ware. Unfortunatedly I had not considdered the effect further exposure to heat would have on the glaze. It totaly lost the subtlety of colour and the decals became virtualy invisable on top of the darkened glaze.

I am rapidly going off the techneque of applying decals at the moment, but im sure with a bit of practice and more knowlege of their limitations and benefits I will find a way of using them effetively. I think that on the right ware with the right underglaze I will get the effects I was imagining in the first instance. For now though I would like to investigate a more organic spontainious approach to ceramic decoration that fits in with my connection to the clay while throwing. I am looking forward to trying out my porceline clay samples to see the difference in texture to the AWS clay body I have already used, and also how this new body behaves in general.

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