Friday, 15 July 2011

30 day drawing challenge :)

Ive been noticing these 30 day creative chalenges and after searching Pinterest for one id like to try i decided to make my own, after consulting my 3 (and a half) year old for the themes here it is !

Daisy’s 30 day drawing challenge!

1-a pig
2-a dinosaur
3-a cat
5-a picture
6-a butterfly
7-a basket
8-a mummy
9-a mouse
10- a fairy
11-a blanket
12-a tap
13-a cup
14-2 fairy princesses
16-a ginger cat
17-a ladybird
18-a funny thing
19-a sofa
22- a bear
23-a fish
24-a cake
25-a house
26-a flower
27-lots and lots and lots and lots
28-a car
29-an owl
30-a party

Ps you could interpret this how ever you like, drawing, photography what ever have fun !

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