Thursday, 24 February 2011

Up hill and down dale.

Decals have been collected pots out of the kiln, with some lovely unexpected results. 

 Here are some of my tiles which I love making. The repetition of the process of stamping them out like making cookies really appeals to me. During making the last batch I pressed some bits of greenery into the clay. They have had their first firing here and the shrunken powdery residue of the leaves still remains, like ghosts.

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  1. I ment to say the above was the good part, the bad or at least frustrating part was that the colour of my decals was not really what I expected.

    Once I sat down to apply the decals I lost all inspiration perhaps because I had designed the clay forms (or at least they evolved while I was holding the clay as I just went with it while throwing) and decals separately.

    It seems I will probably be adding most of them to my tiles and not the vessels which on the whole I prefer just simply glazed. Perhaps this is because the glazes and even the forms were created very organicaly but the decals were more formal in design and even the method of production, as I'd used Photoshop to develop them and had them digitaly printed.