Thursday, 17 February 2011

A little look at my work.

First attempt ever at throwing. A bit messy and useing scrap clay may have been a cheap way to practice but arguably harder to use too.

After a bit of practice with some new AWS clay and also trying out some slip casting in porcelain
 ta da !

Oops a little too thin on the bottom made a hole while turning, dissapointing but a valuable lesson learnt.

Another oops. After this I sanded the broken edge down on an angle, results later.

Third oops at the bottom here, it was a lovely thin bowl but as I was smoothing it down it cracked so I tryed to make it a feature but it kept cracking, and I ended up with this shape. It had been slip cast, apparantly the cracking could have been due to me leaving it to dry out compleatly in the plaster mold.
I wont be doing that again!

Above my first experiment with underglaze colours restricted pallette and a little scrafitto thrown in for good measure. The design was spontainous playing about around the theme of botanicals.

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