Monday, 29 August 2011


I have been doing a lot of soul searching recently as to the direction I should go creatively. I am greedy in nature and so creatively I want to do everything ! SO many techniques, materials and directions to take them so little time and with September approaching fast and the prospect of time to spend investigating at college I have had some decisions to make. 

Being a jack of all trades has tired me out so I have gone with my gut and so ceramic's one of my newest passions (although restricted to college workshops only at present) have won along with screen printing- particularly after my wonderful day of printing and eating handmade goodies at Ruth Green's beautifully homely studio. Such a generous and lovely person - blog post to come soon I promise.

In the meantime if you have children or are looking for a beautiful gift for a baby shower or a child's birthday have a look at this briliant book.. 



  1. I know what you mean! Weekends are hard enough... choosing between crochet, cross stitch or baking let alone choosing a direction in life.

  2. I can definitely relate! It took me a long time to choose a direction to settle on and even now I find myself going off at different tangents. I am now screen printing, but it does bother me that I enrolled on an interior design course years ago that I haven't even started yet! I think you are right to go by gut instinct, you have to do what you genuinely enjoy and not what might seem logical. Choosing something you can realistically manage is also important...and the thing that I tend to overlook the most! Glad to know that there are others out there with a fidget brain like mine!

  3. Thanks for your comments ladies. I must be strong and stick to my guns if not guts ! The problem is there is just so much beautiful fabric out there so im easily led astray. One thing I do know is that food will be featuring in some way from now on. I might as well embrace my greed !!!